Speech/Public Speaking

Speech/Public Speaking
Grades 9–12

Friday 12:45–1:40

Teacher: Faith Smit
Class and Copy Cost: $250
1.  3-ring binder
2.  100 stack of 4 x 6 index cards, prefer colored
3.  Access to a writing program such as Word or GoogleDocs for writing speeches and turning in homework
4.  Flash drive
5.  Internet access to a gmail account for group work on ZOOM or Google Hangouts.

English Credit
No Prerequisite Required

Most people dread speaking in front of an audience. This class will give your student the necessary skills and confidence needed to be able to deliver a speech to a group. Basic speech mechanics, gathering of information, a brief review of speech writing, and a variety of speech formats will be covered in the course. A PowerPoint presentation is also included as one type of speech we will be giving. Students will need a flash drive for this presentation. Students will be given ample opportunities to present prepared and impromptu speeches in front of the class. The skills learned will benefit anyone who seeks to glorify God through speech.

There is a $10 copy fee included in the cost of this class.