Statement of Purpose

GRACE Home School Association is a private, tax-exempt corporation, which has been established to provide educational classes, designed to enhance and support your home schooling program. It is our purpose to help meet the needs commonly expressed to us by home school parents. Among those needs are the following:

Hands-on science lab experience.
Participation in organized speech and debate.
Instruction in Spanish and physical education.
Instruction in high school level history, math, science, English, and literature.
Instruction in grammar, formal and informal writing.
Instruction, experience, and appreciation of art.

Board of Directors

Mr. Brian Boot
Mr. Bill Kolkman
Mrs. Ruth Nobel
Mr. Jeremy Venlet
Mrs. Mindy Weiss
Mrs. Sherri Westfall

Mr. Randy Hazenberg, Administrator
Mrs. Shannon Van Den Bosch, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Becky Fullalove, Accounts Specialist
Mrs. Kim Vander Hill, Support Specialist
Mrs. Irene Hazenberg, Events Coordinator