Elective Opportunities

Bushcraft (Grades 5–8) First Semester Only

Thursday 10:00–10:55 Wait List


Bushcraft (Grades 9–12) First Semester Only

Thursday 9:00–9:55 Wait List

Teacher: Josh Greer

Description: Bushcraft is the study and practice of surviving and thriving in the wild. The course teaches hands-on wilderness skills involving basic cutting tools, knots, shelters, foraging, orienteering, and building and cooking with fire. Students will participate in many projects and move from basic to advanced skills.

There is a $30 material fee included in the cost of this course.

Class and Material Cost: $153

Book: None

Prerequisite: None

Handyman Skills for Everyone! (Grades 5-8)
Second Semester Only

Thursday 10:00–10:55 Wait List

Class and Material Cost: $163

Handyman Skills for Everyone! (Grades 9–12)
Second Semester Only

Thursday 8:30–9:55 Wait List

Class and Material Cost: $225

Teacher: Josh Greer

Description: This class is a hands-on course teaching young men and women to use a wide variety of hand tools and power tools, practice safety, gain familiarity with automotive and small engine maintenance, understand and troubleshoot home electric, plumbing, and repair projects, plan and complete construction projects, maintain appliances and tools, learn to operate and market a business, and apply their new-found skills in service-learning projects. 

Project Supply Fee: $40 per student (This covers the cost of lumber and fasteners for the in-class projects.)

Supply/Tool List: All students will need the following: Claw hammer, 25-foot tape measure, speed square (aka angle square), flathead and Philips screwdrivers, carpenter’s pencil, and utility knife. Supplies do not need to be new.

Food Prep and Fun Snacks Club — (Ages 12–18)

3rd Thursday and Friday of each month during the lunch period (12:00–12:40).

Cost: This club has a $160 fee to cover expenses.

You can register for this club when submitting your registration form.

Teacher: Ilda Percini

Description: Food brings people together; banqueting is a major biblical theme. We find pleasure in preparing and presenting our edible creations. Culinary Arts is a growing field of study. This new GRACE Club provides an opportunity for students to learn beyond food, as our resident culinary, award-winning expert, Ilda Percini, presents foundational skills and guides students as they learn and create. This will be a “hands-on” activity, allowing students to develop knowledge and skills in this area. Please let us know of any food allergies to which your child might be affected.

This will be a 10-session “club” where the class will meet once each month (3rd week) throughout the year during the lunch period in the kitchen. Food will be handled, eaten, enjoyed, and presented for take home projects.

A Personal Note from Ilda Percini: I have developed the desire and the passion to cook, bake, and create different dishes, I do love and enjoy the variety of food we have in America, and I am always looking to taste new foods myself. Our kids must not be picky eaters; we parents and teachers are the ones to teach them and we also do so by our examples. I do have a teaching degree as well.

Check out my Instagram account at #ildasculturalcuisine.