Algebra I

Algebra I (Grades 8–12)

Thursday 1:45–3:40
Friday 1:45–3:40

Teacher: Joan Ridderbos

Description: Algebra I builds on the concepts introduced in Pre-Algebra and includes lessons to solve systems of equations in two variables, solving complex rational and radical expressions, functions, graphing linear equations, factoring algebraic expressions, and an introduction to 3-dimensional geometric figures.

Class Cost: $510

Book: Saxon Algebra I Student Text, 3rd Edition, and Solutions Manual

Supplies: Heavy-duty 1½” thick 3-ring binder, lots of filler paper, graph paper, graph paper, mechanical pencils, and a good eraser. A simple basic calculator that includes a square root function will be needed for the second semester.

Prerequisite: Pre-Algebra or its equivalent. It is highly recommended that the Saxon placement test be taken to determine whether your student is ready for Algebra I. The link is Your student should get 85 % or about 42 questions correct to be ready for Algebra I.

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