Geometry (Grades 10–12)

Thursday 12:45–2:40

Teacher: Mindy Weiss

Description: We will study the shapes, sizes, patterns, and positions of God’s organized world. Many professions utilize these skills such as architecture, engineering, building trades, surveyors, and many more. This course will not only help your student better develop their deductive reasoning skills by using both formal and informal proofs, but it will give them a better appreciation of God’s organized world. Some of the concepts covered include: lines, planes segments, angles, proofs, congruence, triangles, quadrilaterals, circle, volume, transformations, and area of 2-D shapes as well as volumes and area of 3-D shape.

Class Cost: $510

Book: Saxon Geometry Student Text 2009 Edition and Solutions Manual

Supplies: A compass, protractor, scientific calculator, and 3-Ring Binder, and a graph paper composition notebook (Can be found at Staples or Amazon.)

Prerequisite: Algebra I, and preferably Algebra II

Math Credit