Pre-Algebra (Grades 6–8)

Thursday 10:00–11:55
Friday 10:00–11:55

Teacher: Joan Ridderbos

Description: Pre-Algebra includes the study of fractions, decimals, mixed numbers, signed numbers, order of operation, percentages, proportions, ratios, rounding, place value, scientific notation, and many word problems. Students will be simplifying and evaluating algebraic expressions, determining the solutions of equations in one unknown, and studying geometric concepts.

Class Cost: $510

Book: Saxon Algebra 1/2 Student Text 3rd Edition and Solutions Manual

Supplies: 1.5″ 3-ring binder, lots of filler paper, No. 2 pencil with good eraser or mechanical pencil

Prerequisite: 7th grade math or its equivalent. It is highly recommended that the Saxon placement test be taken to determine whether your student is ready for Pre-Algebra. A placement test can be found at: Your student should meet the requirements for Algebra ½ (which is Pre-Algebra).

Math Credit