STEAM — Putting the “Art” in S.T.E.M. (Grades 6–8) —Not offered this year

Teacher: TBD

Description: This class develops mathematical and spatial reasoning, stimulates curiosity and a love of learning math, takes away the “scariness” of math, and makes the subject accessible to all students. It furthers basic concepts and promotes higher-level concepts in math using activities and explores the relationship between concepts in math and their applications and uses in the real world. It integrates the logical and analytical skills and ideas in math with artistic and spatial skills and sparks interest in the kinds of issues mathematicians and engineers deal with. This class has hands-on activities and includes artwork, a history of the subject, and small research projects. There is a $30 material fee included in this class.

Class and Material Cost: N/A

Book: None

Supplies: None

No Prerequisite Required