Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology
Grades 10–12

Thursday 8:30–9:55

Teacher: Laura Marsman
Class, Material, and Copy Cost: $405
Book: Apologia Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology Student Text, Shannon & Yunis (2nd Edition)

Science and Lab Credit
Prerequisite: 1-year Biology

The human body is a fearfully and wonderfully made system. The Anatomy and Physiology course is a high school level, advanced biology course that dives in and takes a closer look at God’s marvelous design of the body’s eleven organ systems in detail, how they interact with one another, and the diseases that afflict them. If your student is considering ANY medical, dental, therapy, or veterinary career, this course will help inform their decision. This course is term-intensive (that is, there are lots of terms to memorize), but also includes interactive activities and dissections to help students better understand the anatomy (parts/location) and physiology (function) of the incredible human body that God made in His image.

There is a $45 material/copy fee included in the cost of this class.