Grades 9–12

Thursday 12:45–1:40
Friday 9:00–9:55
Teacher: Laura Marsman
Class, Material, and Copy Cost: $290
Book: None

Science Lab Credit
Prerequisite: Basic research and writing skills

Biology is a fascinating subject, but the thought of dissection can make even the most stalwart parent cringe! This class is designed to augment the student’s own biology studies. Students will be required to write short research papers about the various animal kinds we are studying. We will begin the year with Basic Dissection. The first semester will familiarize the student with the hands-on dissection process, as well as teach the use of the microscope, scientific classification, basic anatomy, and safe laboratory techniques. Students will also be writing short research papers for each of the specimens we cover. This class will put their dissection skills to work on invertebrate species such as the earthworm, grasshopper, starfish, crayfish, and squid, as well as vertebrates including the frog, turtle, pigeon, mink, and dogfish shark. This class could be used for the lab portion of Biology if you are doing Biology at home.
There is a $20 copy fee and a $30 material fee included in the cost of this class.