What in the World!?! Survey of Ancient History*

What in the World!?! Middle School Survey of Ancient History through the Renaissance (Grades 6–8) Not offered this year

Teacher: Scott Looman

Description: His Story is meant to be a dialogue, a discovery of the relationships between God and man, man and man, and the creation and mankind. We will use original source material to investigate specific details of Ancient History through the Renaissance. Students will study Ancient Greek and Roman times; the Battle of Marathon, the conquests of Alexander the Great, Socrates, Cleopatra and Anthony, Gladiators, the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, the Sack of Constantinople, Medieval and Renaissance: the Barbarians Rule, the Vikings, the Dark Ages, Invasion of England, everyday life in the 1100’s Europe, the Black Death, Thomas Becket, Richard the Lionheart, the Crusades, Michelangelo, Leonardo DaVinci, the Inquisition, Columbus, Queen Mary. (300 BC–1600 A.D.) This course will be a blended learning experience with much of the course hosted on GRACE’s Moodle site, and, to a great extent, influenced by the EyeWitnesstoHistory.com website. All resources and assignments will be managed through Moodle.

Class Cost: $230

Book: None

Supplies: None

No Prerequisite Required