Home Economics

(Grades 9–12)

Friday 1:45–3:10

Teacher: Alida Luck

Description: In Home Economics class, students will examine a Biblical look at the relationships they have in their lives, different ways of communication, budgeting and finance, goal setting, Christian hospitality through sharing meals and fellowshipping around food, and more. The students will learn practical life skills that will apply to our life such as: laundry, cleaning, ironing, sewing, embroidery, preparing and learning diverse techniques for preparing foods, how to fill out paperwork, general health, as well as some car and safety knowledge. They will learn about the responsibilities that adulthood brings and will be equipped with the knowledge which they will need to accomplish this such as simple repairs for a future home . They will also look at the habits we have in our lives and how to build healthy habits which will help us throughout our lives.A group service project such as a quilt, pillowcases, or stuffed animals will be completed and donated to an appropriate cause, and a recipe collection is required for a semester project.

There is a $30 material fee  included in the cost of this course.

Class and Material Cost: $413

Supplies: Notebook or Journal