PLEASE NOTE the below requirement to enroll in GRACE Math Classes:

GRACE requires that parents administer the free, online math placement assessment prior to enrolling in our High School Math classes for the first time (not required for Geometry). Use the following BUTTON ABOVE to find the placement assessment for Algebra I, Algebra II, Advanced Math (Pre-Calculus), and Calculus.

    • Download the test and answers
    • Have your child take the test, writing out ALL their solutions and steps to arrive at the answers.
    • Please check their work with the answers found at the end.
    • For the benefit of each student, and the class, please mail or email your child’s answer sheets and solutions to GRACE at the time of registration.
    • We recommend a score of 85%or greater as a pre-requisite to enroll in this class (e.g., if the student scores an 85% or better on the Algebra II placement test, they may enroll in GRACE Algebra II).

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